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I am learning to ride a bicycle.

I am learning to ride a bicycle. Oh yeah.

Don’t ask me how I managed to get to the age of 24 without learning earlier, that’s what everybody asks; I just did, alright. My sister can’t either. My dad did try to teach me when I was about 12 or so; it didn’t work, I guess I was a bad combination of too stubborn and too scared. Now it’s different, my stubbornness is actually helping me in a way, I’m approaching it as a kind of challenge, so I’m thinking ‘huh, riding a bike, anyone can ride a bike, I bet I can too’. Also my very dear friend, P, is helping me. Well, actually he deserves more credit than that. He is not just ‘helping me’, he is: almost solely responsible for bringing bicycles into my consciousness, proselytizing about his whenever I give him a chance; definitely the most constant source of nagging/promising to teach me ever since he found out I couldn’t, at least a year ago; single-handedly undertaking teaching me in a series of early(ish) morning lessons on the Meadows; selflessly allowing his beloved bike to be mishandled, wobblingly ridden and fallen off by me, in what he calls ‘low rider’ mode which is where he’s changed the seat to cater to my smaller proportions; running along behind me holding me up, being encouraging and apologising when he touches my bottom; tirelessly explaining every principle of bike-riding physics and engineering that I think of questions to ask him about, and even the ones I don’t; providing emotional support and tough love and absolutely not allowing me to quit; incredibly patient and tolerant and lovely and cheerful in the face of my cowering, wibbling, sulking, falling, bellowing and cursing; generally going far above and beyond the call of friendship duty; actually quite possibly a saint. Continue reading